Microsoft scam number!

8146192045 spam them

Talk to jordan parker its funny as fuck

That was so good i have been calling for the last hour and they hate me

lol what’d you say that was funny. i need a laugh

Wow me must have blown them up…they keep hanging up on me…

Called back and spoke to the “Manager”, convinced him that i was really wanting my refund… it took a while to download supermo on my VM so i told him i would call back… He told me his name was

Jeff Morgan

Anyone else notice how none of them have indian names? Like do they not realize they have a rather obvious accents? Makes me crack up everytime I call and someone says a name like Henry Allen :rofl:

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Before I clam I just wanna confirm, should I call with my normal phone that I use everyday and like does it cost money to call or is it any fee?

Use google hangouts. its free and will protect your number