"microsoft" scammer

hey so I got a pop up from a scammer a while ago and I called it up and stupidly allowed him to take over my proper pc he asked me to pay $250 or $500 for “SUPPORT” I declined it then I looked at my pc and found he put loads of viruses on my pc I got them all cleared off. I Recently have started prank calling the number with a privet caller on. if you would like to call him or anything the number is a uk number. The NUMBER is : 08000517233.

Anyone had this number before?

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Be safe out there friend, use a virtual box. You don’t want them to connect to your computer for lots of network reasons.

These guys are idiots, basic computer babble is the peak of their intelligence. It’s really hard to get a straight story with this guy i don’t think even he even knows what’s going on.

What’s the number you used?


I think it was a typo

edit: doesnt seem to work on textnow anymore, if someone wants to try it on a private number go for it lol