Money mule recruiting (email)

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Email text:

Good Day ,

I am an HR manager. We would like to offer you a position: Warehousemen.
The payment rate is $3500 per month.
Location: USA (Any State)
Job type: For half-day.

Job regulations:

  • Located in the U.S.
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Skills in Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Basic personal computer knowledge
  • General knowledge of electronics and appliances
  • Preceeding FedEx or USPS work experience is desirable, but not necessary.

Job Summary:

  • Getting and distributing parcels
  • Making reports everyday
  • Authenticating data about mail
    Reference code: ID 079-76;

If you find this position exciting we are looking for your reply to our email.
Thank you kindly for your attention.

Woah this could be a good catch!

Ok so i sent Beverly Jeannette finley an email on 12 April. No reply.