Money Scam with WHATSAPP Number: +22965036079

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
J.Edgar Hoover Building Washington, D.C 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Attention Beneficiary,

This message is coming to you from FBI office here, We are writing this mail to inform you that your(Inheritance winning awarded funds of $5.5 million) has been totally converted into a ATM Card and it’s to be delivered to your address via courier service, Be inform that the courier delivery company will deliver the card with all the manual and instruction both with PIN code to access the Card upon receipt. It’s the best option to receive this amount since every attempt failed,therefore you will need to contact Barrister Kevin Harper Jackson that helped in re-claiming the check back and converted it into an ATM Credit Card with his address below:

Barrister Kevin Harper Jackson
Email: [email protected]
Phone WHATSAPP: +22965036079

Send him your current address where the Card should be delivered to and remember to indicate the Reg:code of ATM-0032 to him when making contact with him. Please also choose the courier service you would like to deliver the Card Post office is also working but could take the card much time to get to you. Please endeavor to inform us once you have received the ATM Card.

Sincere regards
Mr. Christopher A. Wray
FBI Monitoring Team Service

I wonder if they will ever run out of ideas for scams :thinking:

The line got me where it says along the lines of your inheritance being totally converted to an ATM card also the name “Kevin Harper Jackson”.

I get so many money spam emails I could write a novel in a month.