More info aout scammers

I work for a top ISP in the country, we have foreign people that work for us. It is only after today of being with the company for a little over 100 days that I have determined, just how some of these scammers have integrated themselves into legit companies. I had a cx call stating they had been hacked, had 14 ppl connected to their computer and that she they tried to sell them a firewall bc her windows firewall was disabled. Long story short, SCAM. The scammers did not work for my company or any outsourced company of it, they infact were part of HP or indicated they were sas they were chatting with my customer from the HP website. Based soley on the info provided by a customer, the customer was chatting with an HP rep and they remoted into their computer then showed them that they had 14 ppl connected (netstat) to their computer and told them the firewall was off (without showing proof). Unfortunately the average end user doesnt know any different.

Now having dealt with alteast one of these calls daily and a few other kinds such as repeated robo callers also asking the customer if they can connect to their computer either through one scam or another, i see how some of these people operate. It is with this info that I share to the TSU community in hopes of enlisting fellow scambaiters to help take these scammers down.