More Refund Scam Numbers for You Guys

This showed up in my GV voicemail. I don’t have the time to mess these guys up so I like to share these here when I get new ones. Here’s the transcript: (NOTE: I corrected the phone numbers because the robo-dialer did not transcript very well)

"Hi. We are calling you from Microsoft Windows refund department in regards to refund your money. If you remember you have a contract with us for your computer support and services, so we are closing down our business due to some technical issues and cancellation of our Visa Merchant where the payment was made. So to get your refund you need to call us back in one (207) 494-4598. I repeat one (207) 494-4598. Thank you.

They also called and left a different number ‪(971) 512-4602 The message was the same.

Good hunting.