Ms office scammers story(1-818-518-9590)


Number: +1 (818) 518-9590
Name: Alex Anders ( Real name: Ropinder or something)
So I was on call with this guy for around 30 minutes. I quickly made up an error and his first advice was to connect to my PC only if I want to. I play dumb and then I ask some questions. First one was his location. Answer: California. I ask what’s the time there? Answer: Laughs tries to drag a bit and then says the wrong time. Asked him if he’s Microsoft? Nope. But I got his website :
He was pretty curious to take control of my machine but unfortunately I didn’t have my virtual machine set up. I played a bit then I started exposing him. Since I am from India (Unfortunately-but my accent is no way Indian nor is my english so they can’t catch me), I started bombarding him with questions( I know they don’t have brains to answer basic questions). He mentions how he has been getting some weird calls and he asked some other guy to promote his link (which he posted here lmao Having Trouble Setting Up MS Office 2013? Let Us Help You Dial Toll Free No. +1 (818) 518-9590 - #3 by Steve) and he says how he contacted him and stuff. I told him how what he’s doing is a scam and started reasoning with him, mentioning his own tricks of scams back to him. He pretty much knew I knew more than he did but he still tried to sell the fact that he’s genuine. Well, I asked him a set of questions. The answers were holy shit. Q1. I asked him to explain firewall setup as it says under “our plans” and he said how firewall is a hardware and he’s just setting it up. I am like what the fuck and you say you’re genuine you don’t even know what a firewall is dude. He quickly googles in the meantime but the pea-brain scammer took 10 mins to digest the fact that firewall is a security system. He kept asking me to google firewall but I already knew what a firewall is and I told him that but he stayed on that. Q2. Asked him why is he scamming people in a calm manner because it’s 2’o clock where I live (Not India) so I couldn’t shout and tear him apart, he still sticks to the fact he’s genuine. I told him to stop doing it right away else the consequences are gonna be worse. Nope, won’t stop. Q3. What will you get by lying and scamming people? A. You don’t have to judge me. I am genuine.

TLDR: A typical low life scammer trying to scam. Doesn’t even know where his own office is. Doesn’t know what a firewall is but wants to fix it. Give him hell

Ok I did a research and found some more information. So WHOIS lookup shows this company is registered ase VTIZE tech(link . Checked VTIZE tech on google, they’ve already tried to scam in the past. Link:Redirecting
Furthermore, turns out VTIZE was registered in the UK. The owner of the company is called Bhupinder Kumar ( Which is the name that he told me I guess). Link:VTIZE LIMITED overview - Find and update company information - GOV.UK

So this guy is back at scamming.

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