MS Popup 855-547-8400

Scammer number: 855-547-8400
Popup link:
Any other scammer information: Call back from (888) 857-5157

Here is the scammers ip: (
Country : India (IN) Area Code : Unknown ISP : Airtel
City : Delhi Zip Code : 110001 Longitude : 77.237300
State : DL Metro : Unknown Latitude : 28.654200|

Number is shut down I think called “Please check the number and try again” was all I got

(888) 857-5157 picking up again.

Got Sandy on the phone for a while asked him how his hole was feeling after the massive fcking he got he just sounded defeated he wont pick up now it just seems like an immediate hang-up i’ll try from other numbers but I think its safe to say that Sandys cheeks are well sanded