My first time scam baiting was a success!

Howdy y’all! I just got off the phone with a Windows/Microsoft refund scammer and it was a total success! I recorded the whole thing with OBS Studio, logged into a fake bank account, but the scammer discovered that it was fake and he was SO pissed; he raged and cussed like crazy! LMAO Anyway, he also discovered my OBS Studio and kept trying to close it, but I told him that it’s just a program for my computer’s cooling system. LOL I wasted almost 40 minutes of the scammer’s time. Anyway, I’ll upload the vid to YouTube when I create a new YouTube account and post the link in the forum. I also gave the phone number to my local Sheriff’s Dept, plus I told them that I have video evidence and they want me to bring the vid into them tomorrow morning, so I’m gonna do that. Btw, I got the number for this particular scammer from a post in this forum, but I forgot what the number is, I’ve already deleted it from my phone. I know that it was number out of Ontario, Canada though.

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Moving this to general, Only post in this category if you have a scammer number to share.

Alright, no problem.

Are you running OBS on your VM? That seems risky if that is the case. I would suggest to run it on your Host machine, or maybe have a second pc for recording purposes. Me being the fossil I am do the Host recording method. Any idea when you will be getting back into youtube by any chance?

@Kyoya, I was running OBS on my host machine, because my VM is just too darn slow………. I am unable to post the vid of my convo with the refund scammer last night, because I must’ve violated YouTube’s TOS and they deleted the video and shut down the channel that I created. It’s no big deal, though. Perhaps I’m just not cut out for scam baiting. LOL