My friend Bcurry who got banned

My friend bcurry was just banned for replying to a post saying that its dead and he is gonna flag it just to inform users. I am speaking up for him just to let the users of TSU know that he is just trying to inform people about numbers being dead, so im confused on why he us banned and I’m also confused why he is banned for life until 3019

He was warned multiple times over and over for him going thru many posts replying “this is a dead number” spamming the forum instead of flagging the post like everyone else. He had MANY warns and a temp suspend on his account. He should have listened to the many warns and private msg convos I had with him but he didn’t, that ban was given due to his actions of spam.

But isn’t spam saying the same thing constantly in one topic Im just trying to figure all this out

Because Im not really agreeing with your definition of spam here I think its constantly saying stuff in one topic

Im just here to reassure you that he was not spamming that he was just informing them

Because Could you give him one last chance because I dont think that is spamming

my best guess is that when he replies saying the number is dead, it bumps the thread to the top, not just in the category, but also on the front page.

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Nice job with the multiple unneeded replies over and over, make sure not to spam! :smiley:

Yes that is what it does, this is why we have a report system for dead numbers, not sure why he is the only person who can’t understand to use it.