My pc started bipping after i uncessefully install KaliLinux

First of all i’m sorry for my rly bad English. I tryied to install Kalilinux on my laptop, i think i did it and it created another Admin for my computer even other operating system i think because it has restarted and there was a box with Windows 8.1 thats the one i use and other one i don’t actually remember the name, so i clicked on that one and i went in a black screen with tuns of white letters appearing and the laptop start bipping so loud i turned it off, i unistalled everything but my.pc.still bipping when i start it and it doesnt stop if i don’t do Crtl+Alt+Esc i don’t know what’s that, after the bipping he works perfectly but why the bipping after i installed KaliLinux?? I installed Kalilinux 64 bits, size 3.2g version 2019.1a , directly from kalii oficial website

Did you have multiple partitions for dual or more booting, perhaps a Bios error? If you are new or newer to Linux I would suggest Ubuntu or Mint.


I don’t know whats that. Yes i am so new to Linux i just followed a tutorial and it went wrong… so if i install Ubuntu or Mint and i’ll be fine mate?

Sounds like youre missing some basic building blocks when when it comes to partitioning and OS installs. Kali is a robust OS and it would be difficult for a newbie to navigate if they don’t have any previous knowledge of the Linux platform. I’d say to watch some basic videos on Linux on Youtube and also videos on installing operating systems and the different partition schemes.

So tell me the pattern of the beeps and the manufacturer of the computer.

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