Hello there, I found something interesting in the past few weeks while I was surfing for numbers. myphonesupport is like no other, they will convince you to get remote access to your PC, then they will install an ‘anti-hacker’ software whose two purposes are to create a backdoor in your PC and then deceive you by running a fake scan on your PC that tells you malware and viruses have been cleaned meanwhile there were never there to start with.
Additionally, they could lie to you that there are issues on your PC by using msconfig to show you that some services are not running. There are lots of red flags that come with this type of scammers but I don’t want to bore you all with a very long post.

Anyways here is their number: 1-855-698-7839

I still hope it works.
Also there is no need to visit their website the only thing useful there the number.
And if you must, be sure to use a VPN and delete all Cookies in the last hour in whatever browser you are using. I suspect they are using tracking cookies.