Nailed my first scammer!

Here in New Zealand we get cold calls, claiming to be from Spark (biggest phone/isp company). This guy rings, spins the usual BS about all the eventviewer errors, and gets me to download Teamviewer 7 from Filehippo. He can’t connect to me, so gives me his code. Inspired by SR I open the File Transfer Window and delete his desktop files, and Documents. I get a notice saying the File Transfer session was terminated. He doesn’t say anything and proceeds with the script once I’ve switched sides. They really are pieces of shit, he gets me to go to and type in the websites I visit, like email and banking, to show me the proof that hackers are getting into my system. Does the usual CMD crap with Tree and Dir. He wants me to log into my bank account, so I go to a demo site. Also wanted me to download something on my cell phone, but I said I’d left it at work. After about 15mins he asks “what kind of bank account is this, is it a demo?” So then I abuse him for being a scammer and how I’ve wasted over an hour of his time. He immediately drops the call and tries to Syskey my VM… it didn’t quite work. I’ve replaced Syskey with something else :wink: I disconnected and tried to reconnect after but he’d gone. Sorry about the crappy video, only had cell cam.

The numbers these clowns call from are either spoofed local or international numbers. This one was 000061283728722 and a couple of hours after I went out was from 079236358 (non-existent NZ number)


Awesome! Love the SYSKEY touch. lol

Did it by renaming syskey, creating a batch file called syskey.bat, and creating the image of course :wink:

@echo off
call (imagename).jpg

whatever is your default image viewer will open up the jpg. I used irfanview.

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thnx will look up wat i dont understand. echo??? etc:upside_down_face:

@echo off hides every command issued in a batch file (and all of its output), if it’s not there the commands would be displayed on the screen.

Its sad that they literally sit on computers all day youd think the scammers would pick up on all these tricks that we can use to fuck with them, alas grats on the bait mate in aus they seem to call from nz numbers a lot so im hoping to bag a few :wink:

That’s awesome, haha!