National Treasury Scam 972-349-1432

Hey there friends. So today I got a phone call from this number saying that they were from the National Treasury Department and there was a warrant out for my arrest. Said they found a can near the border registered tome with all my docs in it along with 22lbs of cocaine and that I need to prove its not mine. Told me to send 9k in Target gift cards to keep me from getting arrested and they would give me a new SSN. Of course, I gave them all bogus info and they still said it was matched to me. Kept them bastards on the phone for 45 mins before they figured out I was wasting their time. Once they did they told me to shove the gift cards up my PY. Now that I have their number I will be calling them as much as I can. I F**G HATE Scammers! POS!!! Have fun with the number! Keep us posted on results. 972-349-1432


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lol this is his direct phone number i believe

It may be they spoofed a number and I kept pretending that I couldn’t hear them and I needed a number to cal them back on. But I know that number was working.

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