Need call flooder person

hi guys , i have been sharing toll free numbers with few these days , they cannot shut the numbers down. but they did shut down few of them and i verified. is someone can shut toll free numbers of indian scammers please leme know. i will share atleast 30 number daily. you can also verify the numbers. few numbers i m sharing now. you can shut them if you want to.

877 943-3471
844 482-2408
888 513-8758
866 234 7284

please do it

I think you may have created a duplicate post

Hello, please don’t make multiple posts with the same content and also this is in the wrong category but I’ll move it for you this time.

can you shut the numbers down?

Are you asking if we can physically turn them off? Our focus is more on baiting these losers to waste their time, break their systems, and eventually they shutdown due to harassment and broken equipment.

can you call flood these numbers daily as i share with you?
either way just shut them down

sorry i am new. i posted by mistake. i will delete it.

Yes 15- 30 numbers daily would be a huge contribution to the site, and we will definitely call these numbers until they shutdown

done deal so in which category i post?

scambait numbers > other

ask a mod to be sure