Need help getting started

Hi all. So I wanted to ask a few questions here to make sure I don’t mess myself up. I have been scam baiting for a while now just over the phone. I waste as much time as I can, and then give fake card numbers to pay. I want to step up my game though and get into this vm business. I know that I’ll need a vm which I am currently setting up, a vpn, and probably a voip like fire rtc or something. My main question is, has anyone had any experience with these benchodes being able to escape the VM and get onto the host machine. I don’t have any personal info like banking and such on the host, but I cannot allow them to gain access to it and wreck it. Can anyone share an experience they had with this happening? Or any tips that you may have to stop this from happening. The only thing I have been told is to set the network to NAT on the VM. I did that, though I’m not sure exactly what that means. To start with, I’d just like to attempt to delete their files through remote access and possibly syskey their machine. But if that’s not an option, I’m happy to just waste their time by letting them onto my VM. But that’s where the issue lies. Any tips, help, or experiences will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Just to clear anything up, My host is a windows 10, and I’m using Virtual Box vmware with a windows 7 setup.

I doubt any of them have the knowledge to get even close to escaping a VM, the most iv had them do is deleting my icons on my VM and uninstall programs lol

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SysKey is really all but defunct unless you find a center using old windows. I would bet my pc on no Scammer ever using a overflow or other exploit to break out of your VM setup. If you yourself plan on using a older version of windows like 7 they will try to SysKey you most likely. Make sure to keep snapshots.