Netflix Phishing Scam

Scammer number:N/A
Scammer email: pree.mailappxnet[email protected]
Any other scammer information:
We re⁠gr⁠et to i⁠nf⁠orm you that your N⁠etf⁠l⁠ix me⁠mbe⁠rshi⁠p has been pl⁠ace⁠d on h⁠old due to is⁠sue⁠s with your bi⁠lli⁠ng in⁠form⁠atio⁠n. We kin⁠dly re⁠que⁠st to u⁠p⁠dat⁠e your bil⁠lin⁠g info⁠rmat⁠ion as soon as possible to con⁠tin⁠ue using your account wi⁠th⁠out any int⁠err⁠upt⁠ion.

To up⁠da⁠te your bi⁠ll⁠ing in⁠fo⁠rmatio⁠n, ple⁠as⁠e follow the in⁠str⁠uct⁠ions by cl⁠ic⁠k on link below :[email protected]/nnta

N⁠etf⁠li⁠x Ser⁠vic⁠es

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