New Delhi refund scammers | 844-675-1970

Scammer number: 844-675-1970
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding:
Any other scammer information: (
Country : India (IN) Area Code : Unknown ISP : Airtel Broadband
City : Ghaziabad Zip Code : 201002 Longitude : 77.447700
State : UP Metro : Unknown Latitude : 28.665000

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I am loving how busy the call center is, they won’t turn away restricted calls at the moment and the double hang up sound means that they are on a transfer so it is costing them $$$ every time they hang up on my repeat calls… I am not baiting I am flat out harassing them for audio for my next radio show …thank you for the post and the info <3 <3 <3

just to be mean , bring up the caste levels , make sure to let them know that they are untouchable