New fake bank

I have made a new fake bank website to screw with scammers. When they ask you to login to your bank. Sign in to my website. Get distracted.
Let the scammer try and cut themself a check or a wire transfer. It will generate a confirmation code.

What the site does is store what they enter into a database.

It’s simple. To login use any username and any password.



Nice. Tried it out and looks great.
I did send $29.95 to my friend Benjamine Chode in india.

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I like it but it’s fishy how it says you have 46 million you should put like 300 k to make it more legit

Good call. I didn’t think about that. I have adjusted it. The account number is randomized. The balance is also randomized between, 1,343 and 543,500.
I’m working on adding account history now

Ok now its gonna be awesome, to troll you should make it more presitable like make the money balace were the square is like lines so it makes it looks like a real ban, like what jitboga did like this

New here and have been learning html, CSS, JS and python but am not good enough to create anything like this yet, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for/trying to make! Thank you!!

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Looking good. On the history page tho, would you consider a authentic looking header and footer, it kinda looks bare as it is. Also, does history page auto generate credits/payments?

A header and footer on the history would help. It sure did confuse my scammer, though, thanks for making this!

I try to send one to Ben last name dover

Is this open source @liquidacid?

Can’t wait to use this. One thing I would recommend is setting a limit for certain purchase types because I go on there and it says I spent 1.5k and a gas station and stuff like that.

Link doesnt work if you could update this that would be nice.

Lol!! I like using LeVon Deznuts, or Mike Oxmahl. Chris B or P Bacon is also pretty good.

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Is not a Bank this One … Why do you said that is a Bank ?

it was… 3 years ago when the post was made

ok, l didn’t realize …