**New** FBI Advance Fee Scam +1(620) 281 8436/ +1(424) 261-5760

Scammer Number: +1(620) 281 8436/ +1(424) 261-5760
Scammer Website: firstbanksamericacom
Scammer Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
Any other scammer information: This new scam involves a fake FBI agent contacting you saying you are being compensated by the government through a bank. They asked me to sign up for this online banking website detailed in the text message below. He even attached a copy of his FBI credentials below.

Hello … How are you doing today, My Name is Nick Davidson From The FBI :us:

Your funds is now under the custody of First Bank Of America , I will send you the bank email to contact with the manager in charge for opening of new bank account that can hold such amount of money then after opening of the account he will transfer your funds to your new account you will receive it…
That’s the best mode of delivery now for security reasons…
Contact the bank manager in the email address below…
[email protected]
Text : +1(424) 261-5760

Let me know once you get in touch with the manager and get your account registered ®… I’m here to make sure you receive your fund into your account once you register


You can use this link above to register and your fund will be transferred into your account immediately., but you need to be in touch with the manager , because he’s the one that’s going to transfer your fund into your account once your register


I was able to capture their info. and then sent them screenshots of it, lol. Thanks for posting this! Apparently two scammers are working together on this from separate locations.

The Scammer just transferred millions into my “account” with First Americas Bank plus sent me a poorly photoshopped photo of a credit card in my scambait name with a daily limit of $ 1 million.

Now they want me to deposit $700 into the account to activate the balance for use and transfer.

You guys need to sign up for an account for your millions :slight_smile: P

Please use a VPN and only fake information to sign up as the website has very poor data input security. We need to take down this website, half of the features dont even work properly.

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that’s to be expected when:

  • there’s Lorem Ipsum dummy text in various places
  • their “See How We Loan Money” button on the home page links to a FOX News video
  • their physical address (88 Broklyn Golden Street, New York. USA) is a non-existent address often used by demo sites showing off WordPress themes

I’ve shot an email to their hosting provider alerting them of the scam site using those points as proofs

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Odd the scammers are using the name of a convicted wire fraud criminal as the name of an FBI agent. Balls or stupidity?

New email address for scammer: [email protected]