New geek souad email scam

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Payment Processed to GeeK_SQuuD

Dear Customer,

Much appreciation to you for picking our association Once more!

Your GeeK_SQuuD subscription Plan for Anti-Virus Security Has Been Successfully Renewed And Updated today!

We have attached the invoice for your subscription paid on 09/14/2022 with this email.

The total has been charged from your Monetary equilibrium and it will reflect in your record declaration in 24 hours or less.
Customer Service for the USA & Canada 1-802-200-3666

--------------Product Description:----------------

Product: GeeK_SQuuD @ Anti-Virus Security [ 2 years Subscription ]
Invoice`No: # GT-321821
Total Amount : 266.99 USD
Payment Method: Online
Date: 09/14/2022

If it’s not too much trouble, let us know as to whether you have any issues seeing the installment as discount can be guaranteed in somewhere around 24 hours of the installment.
Please connect us on 1-802-200-3666 within 2 working days

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I’ve called them like 20 times and keeping playing Tiny Tim’s Tip Toe by the Tullips.

It’s such an eerie song , even still I’m tapping my toes.

I also set it as my voice mail. I will hear this song in their nightmares

It’s stuck in my head, so all scammer benchodes must feel my pain.

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Isn’t this song in Spongebob? lmfao

Also in the Insidious movie.

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