New here need help with my VM

hey guys

new here, came bc of scammer revolts. trying to find a decent IOS for my VM. the laptop im using is 10 years old running windows 7. It has 4 gb ram (HP Pavilion DV4 notebook).

i cant download things on the IOS im using.

Hey @vdub, have you tried a lite version of Windows 7 or maybe Vista/XP? What do you mean by “I can’t download things”?

when i download it comes up with an error that has a red X. I believe it says your OS does not support it. The programs install fine on my host PC. if possible can you send me a link? getintopc has so many options idk which one is best.

With 4gb of ram you wont be able to run much I would suggest looking to se if you can run one via cloud? I dont know if thats possible but you could definitley google it.

im worried they will be able to access my personal pc through my VM, is that possible

No, it is not possible, a virtual machine is another pc running inside your main one but they are unrelated, still you should look into getting a VPN for extra-safety.

Never have seen this happen, perhaps your antivirus detects it as malware, you could try with another browser or add a screenshot for a more detailed help. I looked into getintopc and I think Windows 10 Lite Edition V6 X64 2018 would fit but make sure to add enough resources when starting the VM

ok, i had someone try to connect to me, but idk how to connect back. the website they used was

When you hover over the download link on their main page, it downloads a Teamviewer Quick Support application, I guess it works just like a regular TeamViewer session

Never let them connect to your real PC first get your vm working to protect yourself

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if its thru my VM im totally safe?

well your safer then using ur real pc also get a vpn to protect your ip

Im trying to find a cheap or free one. I want to use it on my xbox as well but not very experienced with vpns