New job scam!

Thank you for your interest in our offer. I am Jack Dworsky, Chief HR for UGIRIUK. We are into Energy Construction and Power Equipment manufacturing. It is of great pleasure I present to you the position of an Accounts Receivable. We are finding it difficult to transact with our clients in the United States due to the current crisis here in Ukraine.

Before the war we could do normal banking transactions when everything was working properly. Our clients could wire money to us here in Ukraine for our merchandise. Now everything has changed. Fear of Russian missile strikes has prevented banks from operating therefore causing difficulty in transacting our business. The reason we need you is to help confirm and receive payments from our clients in the United States. This will enable us to continue operating our business till things return to normal.

Please note that this is not a sales job. You are not required to market or sell our products at any time.

Your duty: Since our local banks are not operating, it is your responsibility to receive and confirm payments from our customers who are purchasing our products in the United States.

Payment: You get 5% of every payment you receive from merchandise sold and also $10,000 monthly.

Time: We only require 2hrs 30mins of your time every week.


Accepting this offer would be extremely meaningful to us and would also aid in the reconstruction of certain devastated areas in UKRAINE**. If you decide to accept our offer, do let me know.**

Thank you

Jack Dworsky

US Phone #: +1-404-937-6561


Hey yall,
So i found this very interesting. Anyone else wanna give it a go?