New Medicare Scam

Keep getting Medicare scam calls with open enrollment for most insurances coming up. How does this scam actually work so I can keep them on the line longer. I just pissed one off, but I don’t know how the scam actually works. I’m guessing you send them a “premium” that doesn’t exist or they get your Medicare number.


The ones I’ve dealt with usually ask for your number, but I honestly don’t have the patience/time with these creeps to delve deeper into their scam. I too get probably a 100 a day to my burners with this nonsense.

I think that’s a good hypothesis at least. I also don’t know… but some of these thieves and their schemes are layered and deep. They definitely have my ears and eyes perked up.

One thing I have heard about these is they tell you you can get more benefits. They then say they will connect you with a “specialist”. They then do a conference call to the actual medicare benefits phone number. The scammer listens in and gets your info while you tell it to the real benefits person.

I have often thought of going through with one of these and getting to the real benefits person and then saying there is a scammer on the phone listening.