New Microsoft Support Scammer Pop Up Ad 1 844 690 7074

I got a pop up ad in my VM while I was browsing for teamviewer. I called the number and asked them to help me “fix” my computer. They used to remote into my VM. Once there, they told me that I had to pay 149 dollars for “Basic Windows Firewall” and requested my card info. I gave them a fake number for the card and they started getting agitated. Then, they opened the CMD and went to the root directory, and typed in “tree” twice and told me he was scanning my system for hackers. He then changed the prompt in CMD to say “your windows account has been hacked, the Hackers are connected with a forgein address…” He then typed into the Windows key + R run box “ping -t” and told me to leave my computer be for 45 mins and that he would call me back.

I restarted my VM to disrupt his connection, and he called me back. After he called me back, I called him out for being a scammer, and he continued to lie to me for about 30 mins. Truly a hilarious 30 minutes. All in all, I wasted about 2 hours of this scammers time. Have fun with this one, cause I know I did.

I also recorded the last 20 mins of our conversation with the voice recorder cause my screencapture wasn’t working properly. I don’t know if I can link that here, but if I can please let me know. Because it was truly hilarious.

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This number is active the scammer did say I need to This guy wants me to stay on the phone with him so I am just sitting here and waiting for him to hang up. Please call and see how long they make u want on the phone.

Do you know the name of that website the pop up ad brought you to ?
I would like to use it and provide evidence to the scammer (if they ask for it) while scam baiting.

No what I told the scammer was I was just running Windows Defender and this pop up came up but yeah that’s what I said and they went along with it.