New Number Microsoft Tec Scammer. 1-855-560-3696

This number worked for me, in fact it was my first time using my vm for scambaiting, I got busted after an hour so I am heading over to the post about how to make VirtualBox stealthy. Here is the number tell them J.P. Robinson said hi. lol 1-855-560-3696

Do you have the links for them? I’m planning to call them in a while.

I called they are active, so I got a scammer he was def not Indian but he sounded like he was from the UK. He did all the scam tactics so yeah be very careful on this website. He will tell you hit the number 1 key. I have yet to get a Indian person but I will keep trying I just wanted you to know dont be fooled by these scammers they can be using voice changers or they have these other people working for them.

The links are in the screenshot lol, plus there number.

I don’t think I can write that entire url down. But I’ll give em a call.

Got those cunts. I got their website AND their payment gateway. Talked with a scammer named Jason. I could hear all those cunts scamming people in the background. One of them even said ’ leave him the credit card info he’s giving is fake’ so someone was actually trolling them as well lmao.


He took my info like 4 times and oh he kept making retarded sounds like he’s getting an orgasm from the chair lmao.
He also validated my card details. I forgot to mention how he didn’t even wanna show me the problems but went for the ‘fix’ straight up.
Gonna report them to Microsoft.

I forgot to mention one more thing. When he first opened his website, he went to and he entered the password RSSmil8403 ( case sensitive). This is probably the scammer employee password so he can get a bonus.

Found some info:

Sorry. Forgot payment details.
Amount: 280.16 Euros
Order: 1212942_1

Comercia Global Payments


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