New Popup Virus Scam

As of last night this number was still working, I had two but they both had the same number the popup was just a different color. 1-855-560-3781

Ha I just called and the scammer says I have to pay him $2000 I am not kidding just for this problem, he told me the first fixation is $500 and then he hung up. I keep calling obv they don’t know how to block numbers. I just keep calling these guys can’t even defend themselves. Have fun good number Brian72677 :slight_smile: I just keep calling them over and over hahaha.

Lol I don’t have my vm fully set up so I just keep calling and keeping them on until they want to connect then I say only scammers do that. I want to get them to let me into their pc so I can do a syskey.