New refund scanner number for technical support company going out of business

Dial 650-550-2730 and flood them. Phone calls says California but they are from India. They will want to dial into your computer so be aware. Flood them with calls!

OMG, that hold music :rofl:

The hold music is great! There are at least 2 call centers answering. One will have you download anydesk, the other ultraviewer.

I’ve called these guys well over 100 times now… it’s still fun! But I have an idea for a game we can play… if I clearly hear a caller in the background I’ll start yelling “brian!” If you hear me let’s try to talk though there call center.

“How can we convince them we’re American?”
“Hmmm… Oh! American music!”

Also they put me on hold and then hang up

these guys are back at it today… still demoralized from yesterday. I have only a phone, I cant play along with there scam passed the remote desktop login… they’re ripe for getting attacked with file deletions and transfers!

I’m calling nonstop, all day…