New scambaiter - question about connecting to their computer.

Scammers use a variety of remote access tools to connect to your computer. My question is how do I reverse that connection to delete their files, install viruses, etc

Depends on the VC (virtual connection) software they use. If they use TeamViewer, they’ll generally ask you to connect to theirs, since most TV connections are blocked coming from India (I believe). After you’re connected to them, turn off their Remote Input, so they can’t exit any apps you open. But be aware they can end the VC connection

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A lot of it is social engineering. If they use anydesk–you have to get them to somehow allow a connection to their computer, by making them think that it’s actually asking for them, to connect to you.

To make this less confusing-- You ask to connect to their computer through anydesk not verbally>You make the prompt that pops up for them that says ((allow or whatever)), make it seem as if> If they hit allow they will be connected to your pc>but really you have a gate to their PC and thus can delete files without their knowing

It’s a lot, but it’s so much smooth talking and being slick. Your word game has gotta be good. :stuck_out_tongue: