New to the fight (sorry about the long post)

Hey all, I have been watching and researching for a while now on scam baiting, I already do alot of the email based ones (wasting their time messaging back and forth and trying to reverse the scam on them) but now i want to get into ratting tech scammers, my main question is, do I NEED a crypter for the rat and if so, what do people suggest, or does dark-comet (have already downloaded from this site) already have av bypass in it?
My second question is that I run my internet from my mobile phone as I have unlimited data on my mobile plan, has anyone used their phone hotspot successfully without port issues?
i also would like to call from a disposable/ changeable number if possible in order not to get flagged by anyone. any suggestions (preferably free) on some good software?

Since this is mainly just a scambait question I’m going to move it over to scambait question

Hello Red117,

A quick answer to your first question: You do not need a crypter for the RAT. A crypter is a tool that will help defend your RAT against static/signature analysis, but not against behavior analysis. In order for the malware to work, it needs to be decrypted before executing on the target.

As DarkComet is a rather old tool, you can miss out the crypter because any decent antivirus will defenitly flag it. (Not Win7 Defender though)

thankyou, sorry i put it in the wrong area, i wasnt sure what it would be classed as

thankyou, i did also download nanocore, i am trying to see which one suits me better (although they do pretty much the same thing)