New to this, have some questions


I’ve been watching a few of your videos and I would like to shut down some of these scammers for myself, especially since they call me all day with Student loan offers, fake Blue Cross/Blue Shield heatlh insurance and the “your computer is infected with a virus pop-ups”. I’ve figured out how to use Dark CometRAT somewhat. I do have a question about it? Is there a way that I can hide what I’m doing on their screens with it? I tested it out on a VM and got it to work, but I can’t seem to cloak. Also, I’m very nervous about using Wannacry. Every site I go to obtain states that it will spread through my network. So, If I pass wannacry file via FTP to their computer, and they manage to install it, will it still infect me? I think that’s the only questions I have for now. I’m going to try my luck tonight with some syskey.

Disguise a RAT

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For hiding the rat you would need a cryptor which most free ones don’t work good and any new paid ones cost a hefty price.


Ok, thank you for answering. I will ensure that any future questions are placed in the appropriate category.

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Get a cheap laptop and install linux (backbox is great), just be quick with what you are doing, scammers are dumb
protip: cant syskey a linux-box

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