New to this

Okay just wanna say hello
I love winding these guys up when they ring me up I keep them on the phone for a while. I hate them now I want to take it further into the computer.
Need help thoe please
Vm I’ve got with Windows 7
I need a rat ? If there’s a download please I don’t trust the internet haha.
What kind of phone internet thing ? I used to use firertc but doesn’t work
Also I’m based in the UK… any tips anything? Thanks guys looking forward to sharing what’s going on :slight_smile:

I use textnow for communication and quesarrat. The first github link on google should be safe.

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Ok so since u live in the UK I would look up spoofing your number or like u said text now. I know the scammers use eye beam since I have gotten into there computers a lot.

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Thanks pal :slight_smile:

Or google hangouts will work too

Hello guys,
Like you,I also want to take revenge to my scammers.
Lets help each other.

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I use google voice and a linux box (cant syskey a linux box) just tell em its win7, they cant figre it out