New twist to the IRS scam

I was viewing ‘Just not today’ scambaiter’s video that he posted the other day, and there was a new twist of how the IRS scammers were getting payments. I believe the video is called “$19000 Jackpot” and has the bar code flashing.

Instead of going out and buying gift cards, etc. the scammers have set up an “eftps” website ( and its linked to Bank of America. The person being scammed would go on this website and make a payment. The scammer informs the person that they need to establish an e-account with their SSN# and the scammer will generate a" bar code" to link them to their established accounts and be provided a password via text message. Has anyone else come across this new procedure?

Whats the number so I can call and see???

The scambaiter didn’t provide a number, I am sorry. I just put the info out here to see if anyone else came across this procedure. I did see the website. If anyone else posts anything new on this group mainly their phone number, I will certainly post it.