Newby SS Scammers ! 986-200-0791

Newbie Ss Scammers!!! They are so bad… Must Call Everyone :grin: call 986-200-0791. Active

I am talking to them now, they are now telling they want to order to suspend found on my social security charges then they want to get your social number so I use this site Random Fake Social Security Number Generator |

This is the same script about the Texas, found an abandoned car they found it was under my name, 22 pounds of coke lol. Thousand of money has been wired to my account. Lol he wants me to go to the GOAT HOUSE LOL. So I asked how do I need to get this resolved he already told me and I was like is there other options and now he said wait I need to transfer u to my supervisor lol. This guy must be new he read that whole script. Lol now the supervisor wants me to send him my drivers id and SSI card. Then he hung up bc I asked why and I tried to probe him for me details but have fun.

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