Nigerian Prince Scam [Number Inside]

I usually respond to all emails like this talking about a “deal” because they are usually hilarious to read. Here is the long text if you want a laugh

Dear Friend

How are you and your family an from Togo Republic ?

Thanks for your kindly respond, the point that I am making here base

on this transaction, I know that a lot of people bearing the same name

are in your country, but I choose you because I know that you can

handle this transaction with me as I understand I need someone whose

yes is yes, someone who must stick to his words. This is because the

bank will transfer the money in your account in your country.

My name is Barrister Kossi David, personal lawyer to my late client A

national of supposedly your country who lived and worked in my country

as a contracting engineer. He unfortunately died on April 21st, 2009

with his wife and their only daughter in a car accident. He may not be

related to you biologically but I’m seeking your consent to present

you to a Bank here as the next of kin to the deceased.

This is due to my failure to locate any of the deceased biological

relation during the last 22 months. The measure is to help prevent

confiscation of a deposit of US$13,700,000.00 he made with ORA BANK OF


I don’t want someone who will become a lion immediately the money is

transferred into his account.I need your solemn declaration to be

trustworthy, sincere and truthful in this transaction. we are going to

shear the money 50/50,

I am Barrister Kossi David ,I 'm 52yrs old, I live on no.21 Ogui de

caise off Ovim Lome-Togo. I am married to a lovely wife and blessed

with Two kids, My wife Mrs Nedia Kossi , is a nurse and works with the

general hospital here in Lome before she get sick .

I sincerely hope that we will work together in truth without having

any atom of greed to cheat on each other as I do believe that this

business will certainly bring us together for good business and

friendship relationship as I will becoming over to your country with

my family to settle final in your country.

It is very vital that you understand that your are the most trusted

and reliable person as far as this transaction is concerned because

this funds will come into your account and in your name so we will

need your word that you will not in any way double cross me.

The account in question belongs to My Late Client,He worked with Shell

Development Company and also exporter of Gold in Africa. He used to be

my client. He died in a car accident with all his family both his wife

and his only Daughter involve in that accident . The account has been

dormant since then and no body has ever come forward for claims or

identification.It was after an auditing at the end of the financial

year in 2009 in the bank department that they discovered that his fund

is still unclaimed,and they made contact to me to seek and look for

his next of kin with the same surname,this account was dormant. After

all the routine notifications from the bank have elicited no response,

I decided to make further inquiries on my own and found out that he

had no relation at all in Lome.

What i want you to do is to stand as the next of kin to the deceased

so that this funds will be released to you. I am aware that you are

not related or even know him but i will supply you with all necessary

information’s the bank might need to prove that you are the legitimate

next of kin to him. I will also present your name to the bank after i

hear from you.

These transaction will take two weeks to complete with your

co-operation. I will want to reassure you that there is no risk

involved at all in this transaction as we have mapped out plans for a

smooth claim and transfer of these funds into your account. Once the

money is transferred from here to your account, me and my family will

come over to your country to meet with you and share the fund in the

ration of 50/50/. If you will like to proceed, kindly, furnish me the

following information.

1,Your full names:-----------

2.Male or Female--------

3,Contact Address:-----------

4,Phone/Fax number:----

5,Age :-----------

6,Place of Birth:----------


8,Marital Status:----------

I will go ahead and file it with the bank where the money is deposited

as this will make any claim of ours legal and genuine, without any

breach of the law.

I hope to hear from you soon this is my phone number +22898414396.

Best regards,

Barrister Kossi David

He included a number so if you lads want to have some fun go ahead

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