Non deleatable scammer number

Here is a scammer that constantly calls me daily its DRIVE 4 CASH the number is 919 760 4814 follow the prompts and you will be connected with a live represenitive. I have spent the whole week messing with them.

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Called the number today and they were “hiring drivers for 20$/hour and a 500$ bonus on sign up.” The girl who picked up was named Ashley

Just called.

Ashley is not a real person lmao. “She’s” a recording. If you answer the questions they transfer you to a representative looking to hire drivers for Lyft. A real, respected company. The representative isn’t even Indian.

This is not a scam.

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Really strange when you go to (their website) it redirects you to Lyft. I wonder if they are actually associated with Lyft or using that to snag people. Also, there are such things as American scams. They do not have to be Indian for it to be a scam.

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I do apologise. They have been calling me the whole week. I assumed that since it was from a 919 number it was a scam. Sorry about that, im kindof New to this.

It’s okay, because I was duped too I guess lmao