Norton 360 / $489.00 / 806-884-4235

Scammer number: 806-884-4235
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding: Norton 360
Any other scammer information:
This was a word doc attachment.

Dear Customer,
We Thank you on the completion of five Years of Norton 360 Total Plan with 24/7 Technical Support your subscription with us has been renewed today using the payment method provided to us at the time of purchase. The Charge of $489.00 was setup by you and it has been auto debited from your account today and would appear into your bank statement within 24-48 hours

We tried to contact you on your registered number for queries but could not get through. Thus, we went ahead with the auto renewal process.

P: S: If you have any questions regarding the product or charges or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1-806-884-4235

Transaction no xxxx09154836
Invoice no 9012645
License Key fireluna @98303251

Quantity 01
Amount $489.00
Duration 5 years

Thank you,

Keeps ringing, no answer.

yeah, keeps ringing, no answer.