Norton Refund Scam 806-884-4334 Active as of 3-2-23 2:35 PM EST

Scammer number:1-806-884-4334
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding: Norton
Any other scammer information:

I corrected the number to the one in the invoice.

They use screen connect and form

I noticed that when I cut an paste they add characters into certain keywords that will flag the spam filters. Very sneaky!

Oh yeah…I usually clean it by running it thru notepad.

Thanks Jhawk, I didnt even notice.

@1NCArtillery No worries NC, I’ve done it myself and I only replied so you’d know why it was edited. I called the 800 # that was originally there and it was a medical alert bracelet scam.

I print or a pdf and then copy and paste the text. that usually cleans it up

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Made a little silly refund form sent to piss them off, hope that will piss em off more lol

Oh and absolutely no personal details were sent nor my email lol