Norton Refund Scam - 928-554-3594



Asks for an email address and then sends this sneaky screen connect link and asks for the “program uninstall code”:

EDIT: I went into one of SR’s patented rage attacks and went up one side and down the other on “Jack Martins” punk ass. Yeah, I feel much better now, lol.


doing this now he not too happy lol :slight_smile:

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Get 'em! Glad someone is going after them.

They gave me account info: please, i dont know where to report: Hong Wei Yin route: 322070381. Account: 2010028294.

EastWest… someone report this… or tell me how…

I have a video as well…

If it’s a domestic bank, just call the bank yourself and ask to talk to the security office.

They were nice… took report