Numbers for the stream 12/26/18

Post all scammer number for the stream as a reply to this post.


They claim to be Apple SMS Support

They dont pick up calls

Got a voice mail telling me to call 1-877-811-8384 because “we” received a “security breach” on software they installed on my computer last year.

888-891-9085 TECH Support Scam


hope it works, i never called

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I never called this number

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Scamming itunes gift cards

Number: 866-582-9435
Tech Support scam

Original pop-up:

Microsoft Refund Scammer :smiley: (405) 493-6172

+1-888-777-2832 Outlook suport( That was the name of my tab)

  • New Tech Support Scammer: 1-888-276-9315

Original pop-up:

(888) 514-0972
tech support

Angry tech support
+1 213-347-6300

Helen said this number in live chat: 202 241 9691

800-642-7676 this is microsoft tech support scam

Try 1-888-309-0887 it is a wirus removal scam

1(917)068-4765 this one should work

18558555142 tech support

I just called a random number right now and they answered, didn’t catch the name, but he for sure was indian.


Try 0800 026 0329 it is Apple virus removal