Old debt collector

Scammer number:888-461-1654
Scammer website:N/A
Any other scammer information: This idiot called my Mom, had 20 year old CC info on me, said we can settle with his law firm of Delbrook & Associates, name is Andrew Russo, even sent me a fake docusign email to agree to his $7k settlement. When I called him the first time he patched me through by accident where I could hear him on the phone with Chase bank complaining about them holding his checks, couldnt get any acct info unfortunately. He is good though, no accent and scared my Mom. Everyone should give him a call. He did have all my info so they are def using public records. POS!!!

You didn’t click on any links or download the pdf did you?

here was his email also [email protected]

I did not, I use docusign for work, so the link he sent me looked legit but Im sure it wasnt. Either way I called docusign and sent the info to them with the link so hopefully they can shut that down. When he was talking to chase and I could hear he mentioned tons of deposits, so the scumbag is making money. Just wish i got more from that call

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I just called the number DaleBrooks and Associates or some garbage like that. Seems that a legitimate company answered the phone number may have been spoofed and or it is a real legit debt collection company.

They did have all my info and attached a real file number to my name when I called. If they are real i told him to f off after 20 mins. The company doesnt exist anywhere online, the attorneys name doesnt either. I think he is in the US and might just try and get people to pay very old, non recoverable debt. When he said I owed 18k$ but would settle for $7k in the first 3 mins of the call I knew he was full of crap. He also said for all my questions, let me go ask the attorney, put me on hold for 20 seconds and then comes back. Scare tactic, but if he is in the US and doing this could be def charged.

answered “legal office, how can I help you?” 11/15

Legal office? haha sounds like a legit way to answer an attorneys phone