Open Source and freeware virus reporting

Hello. I wasn’t sure if you folks would know anything regarding the safety of open source freeware here. I was wondering if there is a site that lists freeware known to have viruses and malware, so I could double check them (from an unbiased source) before I tried to install them. I have gotten virus protection and computer cleaners in the past, and always ended up with a sluggish computer and sometimes even a virus or Trojan horse.

There are two programs I am interested in downloading, but I’ve been hesitant and haven’t really found a reliable source of information on them (most review sites and “list” sites turned out to just be trying to sell a product).

If anyone knows of a resource for looking up open source freeware reports, I’d be grateful to get that link :slight_smile:

BTW, the two I’m looking at are IObits Uninstaller and Everything file search program…in case anyone has any info on those two.


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Freeware is one thing, open source free ware is another. Honestly I would steer clear of all those sites. A lot of my customers come to me with viruses and ransomware that they got from open source freeware. As far as a site report goes there are a couple of options. You can use sites like Malware Domains to cross reference your pick. There would be less chance of it being false as it is a malware domain list and not a site check. As far as a site check goes I use Sucuri SiteCheck. Hope that helps, feel free to Dm me if you need any more help.


Thank you. I actually didn’t know there was a difference. I thought all the freeware was open source and vice verse…I’m not at all tech savvy (obviously) so that’s why I come here when I have questions about potential internet hazards :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the info!