Pacific Legal Group Scam Collection Agency

I got a letter in the mail today stating I took out a loan from Payday Advanced for $800. I never did this. They are stating that I obtained this loan and immediately closed my bank account resulting in a bounced check grater than $100. Again I never did that. LoL Anyway they also mentioned they will subpoena me and “Joe” a said witness if I don’t pay (who the fuck is JOE? hahaha). This is complete bullshit and FAKE! Don’t get me wrong, Pacific Legal is a real law firm aka But on the other hand, this fake one uses They did give a phone number as well 1-888-203-8386 (I never called). Please get into them and rip them apart brother! Careful I’m not sure if what you are doing is legal in USA (tampering with evidence and just all around hacking possibly?).

Whats even more weird is with this letter envelope, I also got a post card from cashstore . com which is a loan website. “Great news is coming!” from CASH STORE. We’re sending you something special! Be on the lookout for an offer from your friends at CASH STORE. WTF …
Anyway good luck and happy scammer killing!

Oops, move to the Scammers - TechScammersUnited - Scambait forum section please. LoL :rofl: