Payload that Shutdown a Computer in Loop


I created a payload .exe file that shutdown scammer’s computer in loop.
Basically the file once executed it copy itself on Startup and shutdown the computer.
Next time when the scammer turn the computer on the file shutdown the machine automatically.

I added CityBank logo as icon.



You can download the file from here:

Have fun!


Cool idea. They could find a way to fix it… But it’ll annoy them for a LONG time.

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The file can be deleted from Startup but most of them are too dumb to figured out. :slight_smile:

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So how does it work? If I put this on my real machine then put it in theirs will it the do it. Or do I have to convince them to click on it on my virtual machine for it to effect them. Basically I want to know how to get it on their computer successfully

You will need to copy the file from your VM into scammer’s computer. You can do this with Anydesk. After you copy the file you need to double click on it or let it there for the scammer to be curious.

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Usually how it goes for me is that the scammer connects to my VM and on my real computer I connect to them. So the only way to transfer files is Is if they’re on my real machine. Is there another way?

Install 2 VM’s. One is for the scammer to connect and with second one you connect back and place the payload.


Oh wow I didn’t even think of that thanks

So I can use my Win10 Honeypot VM for them to connect to then connect to them with my Kali VM?