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Scammer number: (805) 431-4410
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PayPal™                                       Invoice

Invoice of your PayPal account Transaction of {451.99USD for Bit-coin (USDC) Has been Done}.
Your purchase details:
Amount: $451.99
Product Name : Bitcoin
Invoice Number: XXXX22339
Date: 07/08/2024
Sub Total : 451.99USD
Bit-coin Quantity: 0.0081

Product Code:                                                     ▌▌▌▌▌║▌▌▌║║▌▌║▌▌║║▌║▌║

Amount Paid: $451.99

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If you have not placed this order, call immediately at +1 (805) 431-4410. to restrict the transfer as Bitcoin once credited to the receiver cant be retrieved.
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2 weeks ago they were refunding AT&T.