PayPal 816-849-8378

Scammer number: 816-849-8378
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding: genie scam detector through PayPal
Any other scammer information:

Genie Scam Detector sent you a invoice

Dear customer,
We would like to inform you about your recent purchase. You sent a Payment of $531.31 To Genie Scam Detector. This charge will reflect on your PayPal account within 24 hours.
Thank you for being a PayPal customer.


Invoice details

Merchant Information: Genie Scam Detector
Transaction ID: N-31N351AZ31
Transaction Date: 2023-11-15
Transaction Amount: $531.31
Transaction Fees: $0.00
Total Amount: $531.31
Payment Method: PayPal Credit

Don’t recognize this request?

If you don’t make these transaction or it is done in error, you can cancel this transaction and get a full refund. Please contact PayPal Help or call our emergency helpline 1-816-849-8378 operated by PayPal. Cancellation after 24 hours from this email won’t be valid for a refund or claim.


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