Paypal and microsft

2 active numbers from 1:37 CST.

walter- PAYPAL. you owe a merchant fee of 649.99

ph#- 1-844-658-1828

CHILD P R N O…SMH…you must reinstate your windows license.


the emails have the same layout and fonts. the ph# prefix is 658 on both of them.

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Just curious, how they managed to merge MICROSOFT and CHILD P R N O into a scam script?

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i’m new at this and i was born in the middle of last century…
please, be patient with me.
those 2 phone numbers came thru texts on my cell phone…
they came 1 right after the other so that made it look even more ridiculous.
its 8/29/23. 1:46pm CST. the -1-844-658-1717 is answering calls right now.
i am not sure how to pass it on to anyone who wants to call right now.

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One script (cmd tree output)
p… virus detected .need to contact bank through scammer’s secur line.
Bank guy says at 4AM you authorized $48,000 to a child p…site

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i received another email a few minutes ago from One Plus Technology Ltd.
they are running PAYPAL from the SAME TELEPHONE NUMBER as the child prno.
they are so confused.

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“We have found instances of child pornography accessed from your IP address & MAC Address.
IP Address:
MAC Address : A0:95:6D:C7

This is violation of Information Technology Act of 1996. For now we are Cancelling your Windows License, which means stopping all windows activities & updates on your computer.

If this was not You and would like to Reinstate the Windows License, Please call MS Support Team at +1-844-658-1717 for further help.

Microsoft Support

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sorry to keep bothering you.
i just received an email from OnePlusTechnologyLtd.
they seem to have gotten their scams mixed up.
yesterday, the1-844-658-1717 was taking calls on micorsoft license revocation
because microsofr detected child prno on your computer,
today they are using PAYPAL on the same phone#. SMH…still…
is this the right way to notify people?

Hopefully you’re not using your own phone to take these calls!

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yes, i used my cell phone.
what am i supposed to do?
can you help or point me to what i need to do?

I would suggest using an app like Textnow, Google Voice, or similar.
I’m sure others here would agree.
There may be a list of more alternative phone apps on this site, but my search came up empty.

thanks for the help because i sure didnt know!!