PayPal Invoice Scam (888)281-8436

Scammer number: (888)281-8436
Scammer website: Email
Fake service they are refunding: Fraud charge
Any other scammer information:

Here’s your invoice

COSMOS(ATOM) +1(888)281-8436 sent you an invoice for $509.00 USD.

Due on receipt.

Seller note to customer

Your Purchase for COSMOS(ATOM) was Successful using PayPal we thank you for that. Amount given for the invoice. For any disputes on the transaction reach us immediately for a refund or to stop this payment at +1 (888)281-8436


These guys are fun! They don’t like it when you speak Hindi.

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I know right Chicken! I’ve got some naughty Hindi recordings and played it to him and he had a heated conversation with the recording, lmao.


What US times & days do they(and other scammers) usually operate ?

I’m downunder and haven’t had any luck getting someone to answer when I’ve called them. :thinking:

usually 12pm -5pm pacific time zone. from what I’ve experienced

Welcome to the forum @kingslayer888

Thanks. :+1:
Not the best hour’s for my time zone… :sleeping:


I’m on the east coast and I’d say 11am to 6pm ET…If memory serves, that would be your sleeping time “downunder” Mate.

@kingslayer888 Welcome to our community!

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