PayPal Merchant Fee Refund

Scammer number: +1-866-322-1727
+1-(877) 737-5453
+1-(877) 977-6731
Scammer website:
Fake service they are refunding: PayPal Merchant Fee
Any other scammer information: just received the e-mail

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Here’s the notice that came with these #'s…

thank you.
i 'm still trying to figure out how to get that
from the e-mail to the topic.

If it’s in a jpg format copy it to your DT then drag it (or copy/paste it) into your post. If it’s a pdf, use a converter to jpg (PDF to JPG - Convert your PDFs to Images online for free) then do the steps above.


i appreciate your patience.
i am now trying to figure out how to get the jpg to the desktop.
i tried copy and paste and it said the jpg was loaded but there was no picture.

No problem, we’re all here to help each other! If you’re pasting or dragging/dropping an image, give it time to upload before hitting “post”. You should see a preview of your file on the right side of the screen after it’s uploaded.

If you’re using the link I provided to convert a file, on the right side of that screen you have to DL it to your desktop.


@Roberta_Reynolds Right click on the image and then click on “save image as” from the drop down menu. Then save to DT.

these 3 numbers are no longer in service