Paypal Money Request Scam

Scammer number: 888-857-2397
Scammer email: [email protected]
Any other scammer information: spoofing Paypal

Got an email today saying I had a money request from James Hughey - email originated from [email protected]. I logged into my account to see 3 identical money requests. Knowing they were likely fake, I called the 888 number with google voice and a familiar Indian accent answered the line. I played along for a while, tossed out some choice Hindi obscenities, they dropped the charade and cusseed me out then disconnected.

Transaction details

Money Request Received

December 13, 2022 at 6:45:43 AM PST



$467.99 USD


Due to suspicious activity in your account, we have revoked your $467. 99 transaction. For more information, Contact our Support @ +1-888-857-2397

Request From

James Hughey

[email protected]

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This is a refund scam – Please put in under the proper category. I did it for you this time. TY.

Want to do AnyDesk, they are pretty disorganized with their scam though.